„Demonstrating potential? Others can do that too.
We are only satisfied once you can actually measure your success.“
(Norbert R. Heinz)


The good things in life are becoming more and more rare

Times have got tougher. Long-term business relationships, regional networks, even global partnerships – the good things are still out there. But they are becoming more rare. And you can count on them less and less. Including at the negotiation table. It's about winning, it's about success. Your success.

"Good guy / bad guy" – is that still enough these days?

Unfortunately not. Those times are well and truly gone.

You should assume that your counterpart has come to the negotiating table fully prepared. He is familiar with the cost structure in detail and knows exactly what the market will bear. You should also assume that he has alternatives. And if he chooses them, you are out of the race.

And yet he wants to negotiate with you. He has his reasons for this.

Do you know what they are?

We support you during price negotiations

Before, during and after your negotiations – we are there to support you.
Our focus is on asserting your interests. No ifs, ands or buts. We begin by analyzing your situation and that of your counterpart. Then we work out the next steps together with you – and will remain by your side during implementation as well.

We will fit you out with our tried and tested costing system poseidon®.
So that you can keep a clear head under pressure in critical situations, allowing you to concentrate entirely on the negotiation and achieving your objectives with confidence. After all, it's about your success.

Absolute discretion

Our work is consistently geared to your needs – from the first consultation to implementing our insights. Absolute discretion is a matter of course for us. You can count on it. 

For this reason, please understand that we do not publish references or details in relation to our methods.

If you wish to benefit from the support we offer please e-mail or phone us.