"If industrial engineering does not lead to lower costs
and increased profits, in my view it's pointless."
(Taiichi Ohno, father of the Toyota production system, 1978)

Eliminate waste – win customers


Those who want to stay in business must constantly hone their competitiveness. The buyer sees everything these days. And he will not
pay a penny for anything he has not explicitly ordered. He demands
maximum flexibility. Just in time.

In other words, production companies and service providers have no option but to make their processes ever leaner while cutting their throughput times – from order intake to fault-free delivery to the customer.

Got it. But what happens if the costs are initially neglected during optimization – as is unfortunately all too often the case? Without cost reductions, process optimization is generally pointless. If you ignore this fact, cash flow will quickly get the better of you. You can always be a little bit better:

  • hold even less inventory
  • manufacture even more cost-effectively
  • deliver even faster and more flexibly

You cannot manage this balancing act by simply opening more plants or bringing in more personnel. Nor is this even necessary.

"Please understand: it's not a matter of identifying where you can quickly cut two jobs [...] Instead, it's about having the ability to assess when automation approaches have to be considered. Or when having one more person on the linegives you crucial flexibility, allowing capital investments to be avoided."
R. Heinz)

The key to success is unsparing analysis and optimization of process flows and the manufacturing process. Of course, it's important to pull the right levers. Together with your team, in order to both cut your costs and create sustainability.

Poseidon® – the bridge between production
and controlling

"Speed without continuity is pointless"
(Taiichi Ohno, father of the Toyota production system)

You are never finished. Constant, efficient optimization is crucial. Step by step: always the right step and with the aim of reducing your throughput
time AND your costs. 

Experienced production optimizers rely on poseidon®.

Our seminars and training sessions –
we open up your perspectives

Our coaches are cost analysts with plenty of hands-on experience, and are experts in LEAN PRODUCTION and Six Sigma.

We attach great value to making sure your employees are able to practice and build on what they have learned during the training session. With enough leeway for them to share experiences and impart what they know.

Interested in our training sessions? Get in touch with us. We tailor our training sessions to suit your needs
and gear them to the specific needs and wishes of your company.

Our coaching – tried and tested
in the real world

Together with you, we take things one step further and coach your team through your projects. In an implementation-oriented fashion. The shared success will bring your team together and leave them wanting more. Guaranteed.